About Artillery through the ages

Our historical re-enactment group covers a wide range of periods in history. We are volunteers with the Royal Armouries located at Fort Nelson, Portsmouth. We are accredited by them to fire museum cannons, notably the Royal Naval 12 pounder cannon circa 1805 and the Napoleonic French 6 pounder cannon captured at the battle of Waterloo.

The group have two artillery pieces that comply with Firearms regulations and these are a French Napoleonic 6 inch howitzer and a reproduction of a 10lb Parrett rifle with a full size carriage from the American Civil War.

10lb Parrett rifle with a full size carriage
10lb Parrett rifle with a full size carriage.

In addition to putting on artillery displays we are able to provide static historical displays such as that for the Royal Flying Corps of the First World War. This display includes a number of historical artefacts from the period.

We encourage a ‘hands on’ approach to history in a safe and controlled manner so that people of all ages have a greater understanding of the life of soldiers and sailors of those times.

We can provide a Living History camp and have displays of genuine arms and equipment from that period. We can give talks to schools, community groups etc.

We are available for film and TV work and have appeared on numerous television programmes including the Channel Four ‘History of Gunpowder’ hosted by the film actor Mark Williams. Members of our group have taken part in the BBC One Show ‘Last Invasion of Britain’ and in the TV advert for Bombardier Beer.

Our group is fully insured and has its own public liability insurance. If you would like to hire our group for any event please see the contact page.